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Steve Ortiz, Life Behind The Curtain

ER Creations is very excited to be working on our first feature film, based on documented historical facts,  about the life of Steve Ortiz! 

Steve, a native or New Mexico, was born into the entertainment business in the early 1900's. HIs father had a traveling circus and as soon as Steve and his siblings were old enough they were forced to entertain and become a part of the show. Steve has lived an incredible life full of tragedy and has beaten some unforgivable odds. His homes as a child included abandoned houses, covered wagons, and sometimes they slept behind the curtain after the show they performed. He grew up to become a musician, with a famous doowop band called The Coronados, in the 1950's. Their fame brought them to the Ed Sullivan show as well as many other acts with big names of that time. It all came crumbling out from under him when he was betrayed by his own family. 

Steve now lives with his wife, Carmen, in Naples, Florida and performs a few nights a week at restaurants to make ends meet. He also has a non profit organization educating children musically. Not having an education himself growing up, and being told to hide from the police as a child so he could continue performing, one of Steve main passions is educating the new generations. 

Please follow our progress here on this site to see more about this incredible man, and help us create interest in order to get his story told. 

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Early Morning Randomness 12/19/14

Messing Around 12/20/14

Photos from our trip to Naples Dec 2014