Video - Royia Hope Photography

Video Production

Part of what ER Creations does is video production. We work with you from concept to creation. When you bring your ideas to us we will get a very clear understanding of what you need then create a story board for your video. You will sign off on the story board and understand every frame of your video. After that, we create a production schedule, start filming, and then edit the footage down to the story board. You have creative control in the editing process, and we communicate with you every step of the way. 

We make all sorts of videos. Our portfolio includes marketing videos for companies, instructional videos, e-book videos, music videos, sizzle reels, docudramas and more. Please take a look below to see some of our work. Thanks!

Fight 2 Feed Sizzle Reel

Cuts From Marketing Video

Music Video Re-Make

Instructional Cuts

Edit from archived footage to a bands song

E-Book Clip